Shreevidya Herbal Research Center successfully treated on Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis & Perimenopause. Call Now +91 8698838331.


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    I was diagnosed as having Multiple sclerosis in 1994, In 1999 I met Shree. H. G. Bhat a scientist from Mumbai, India, gave me herbal medicines. Treatment was continued and the MRI taken in 2007 showed a healing of 95% the brain lesions.Since 2001, I have not got any MS attacks and living a normal life.
    Shreevidya Herbal Research Center in the profound directions of Shree. H. G. Bhat has achieved a cure/successful management of multiple sclerosis. The herbal formula invented heals the lesions in the brain and nervous system.

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    QUANTUM LEAP IN SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS BY SHREEVIDYA HERBAL RESEARCH CENTER. Herbal medicines with diet invented by Mr. H. G. Bhat of Shreevidya Herbal Research Center based in Mumbai, India which heal the lesions in the brain and nervous system. 100+ patients have taken treatment with promising results.

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